Sankalp is a mobile application development company. We develop world class android and IOS application to fuel the growth of mobile apps globally. We boast experienced bunch of app developers and designers who have clear insight on Client expectation and latest technological enhancement.We have mastered the art of designing and developing remarkable apps on android and IOS platform, be it latest android 4.4 Kitkat , 4.3 jelly bean or iOS 7,6,5 as we believe best mobile experiences are the one’s which have been developed by taking care of customer acceptance.

Area of mobile app where we deliver

E Commerce has been the bread and butter for all of us! In the era of E commerce no one denied the burgeoning importance of M commerce. Now shopping is happening on the go, forget when a customer had to wait till he or she reaches home and gets hooked to their laptop for ordering, today everyone carries smart phone hence shopping happens from anywhere and everywhere.
M commerce has evolved as the biggest tool to attract your customers on the go. Our M commerce apps are branded and developed to provide best shopping experiences to your customers.
Enter your favorite restaurant and it's overcrowded or your favorite dish has gone out of menu today or they have introduced exclusive Wednesday offers. These all can happen when you are not using any restaurant app. Our restaurant app enhances dining experience and customer satisfaction.
One market area growing as fast as any is perhaps the most important – healthcare. ABI Research estimates that the market for mobile healthcare apps will be worth $400million by 2016, while the market research company Research2Guidance claims 347m mobile phone users downloaded a health related app in 2013. In today's hectic schedule people have hardly any time to invest in health care. To cope up with this situation many health care apps are available which assist you in keeping a close watch on your blood pressure, sugar level, weight and many more.
Now enjoy a healthy life with health care apps developed by us.
Learning can be turned into fun when it is combined with liberty in study. Educational apps are the most demanded by the students. Be it language learning or appearing for different courses we work with you and develop educational apps as per your requirement.
The most popular field of app. Most of us are hooked to our mobile just to check status of our social media. Social Media apps on the other side have become transcendental marketing tools for companies in terms of engagement and vitality. As the Technology evolves so does the expectations of a consumer. You need to create best of the lot applications to catch attention of a modern Tech-Savvy consumer because in today's world, apps can't be just "good enough"; they have to be "the best" to become viral.
Our mobile app lies in that standard where other social networking applications dread to even think.
Technology has made our life easier. Finding a job is a piece of cake today. It's tiring and cumbersome to open job portals every time and apply for the jobs. By using job search apps one can search and apply for the job from their smart phones itself.
Gone are the days when a family planning for holiday had to think twice and thrice for booking, ticket, security, navigation and all. With the advent of travel app life has become much easier and traveling double enjoyable. Data from Ipsos and Google's "The 2013 Traveler" indicates that 67% of travelers (who have traveled at least 3 times in the past 6 months) report having used a mobile device to access travel information. It allows you to plan your vacation smoothly, book tickets, booking a hotel, navigation and all at your fingertips.
Our finance app help you transfer money and do other day to day banking activities through your phone. Along with transaction finance apps provide useful tips to manage your finances. We assure you quality performance and client satisfaction with our finance apps.
Facebook asks "Whats in your mind?" LinkedIn asks "what your business speaks?", but things have changed! Now the next generation million dollar question is "Where are you?" Yes we are talking about Geo location apps. By using these apps your friends can find you, even you can find the nearest restaurant, taxi stand, clubs. We develop Geo Location App that makes your life easy and comfortable.
Who cares for mobile, data card, DTH or utility bill payment now, when it can be done from your smart phone from anywhere. In Sankalp we provide Mobile e recharge app with features which take care of safety.
Multimedia app add touch of entertainment in one’s life by including diverse applications such as music apps, entertainment apps, writing, reading, music, video and all. Our Mobile apps let you enjoy wholeheartedly at a reasonable price. Your expectations are our priority while developing these Apps.
Apart from above listed apps, we make "your dream apps". It is something that you have an idea of, consult us. We provide our valuable inputs and convert your vision into reality in the form of apps.